We provide a range of reliable and versatile MPLS services with Ethernet handoff built over our private IP backbone using leading tunneling and traffic engineering protocols.


Our IP VPN services are designed to take advantage of industry standard encryption and security protocols and allows direct site-to-site connectivity with multiple access type options and handoff at dedicated gateway or NNI.

Competitive SLA

Our Service Level Agreements (SLA) offers many levels of network performance and service availability.


Standard bandwidth options that scale from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and in most cases can be seamless provisioned.

24x7 Service Center

Our 24x7 multi-lingual customer service center is composed of dedicated and highly experienced engineers that are able to promptly assist you.


We offer simple to complex highly customized bespoke solutions.

Multiple Access

We are able to deliver IP VPNs over a great variety of access technologies such as fiber, licensed radios, xDSL, Wifi and 3G/4G. Our Mpls services are available with optic fiber or licensed microwave local loops.

Full Mesh

Using Cisco Dynamic Multi-point VPN technology we are able to deliver direct site-to-site communications for every node of the network.

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